WWU Seismic Station

vertical axis seismometer
station code BLL
lat. 48.7335N, lon. 122.4857W, el. 100m

Sun Oct 25 2015 10:50:02 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

The JavaScript above is a real-time seismograph, fed by a Model S102 seismometer from Engineering Acoustics Incorporated, located in the Environmental Sciences Building at Western Washington University. The graph displays the past six minutes of seismic activity. The vertical scale is adjustable to ranges of ±0.1V, ±0.5V, ±1.0V, and ±2.0V respectively. The ±2.0V setting should more than cover the full range of the attached seismometer, while the ±1.0V setting should be adequate for any situation other than a major earthquake. The ±0.5V and ±0.1V settings are provided for magnification.

NOTE: Due to the nature of the seismometer hardware, the electronic signal may drift over time. And due to the nature of geology professors, said device may not get recalibrated for a while. So don't be surprised if the squiggly line is riding a bit off-center; that doesn't mean that the Earth has shifted in its orbit.